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Our Team

We are a grassroots group of volunteers dedicated to improving STRI.  Some of us are current support staff, staff scientists, fellows and interns, as well as former STRI affiliates who continue to believe in meaningful change.

Join us! 

Fill out this form to join the mailing list and/or whatsapp group to get involved with our movement!

Below is the list of our current "mini" leadership team.  Our large group has > 150 team members.

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Kathy Darragh (

Sabrina Amador (

Adriana Bilgray (

Michael Caldwell (

Melissa Cano (

KC Cushman (

Kate H Davis (

David DeFilippis (

May Dixon (

Jay Falk (

Laura Gomez (

Paola Gomez (

Logan James (

Owen McMillan (

Aaron O'Dea (

Rachel Page (

Jimena Pitty (

Amanda Savage (

Martijn Slot (

Ummat Somjee (

Lynette Strickland (

Sebastian Stockmaier (

Bill Wcislo (

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