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Language exchange

Hey everyone!! We’re back with the Language Exchanges for 2024!! 🥳 Now, we have exchanges in FOUR locations: CTPA (for the first time!!), Naos, Gamboa, and Tupper. Starting Monday, Feb 5, the exchanges will take place every two weeks in each location led by our language teacher, @~Javier. You can find a detailed schedule here with upcoming dates, times, locations, and lesson themes:


Note from STRI-IDEA Multilingual Task Force:

We in the Multilingual Task force and STRI-IDEA see language classes as a small but significant step in encouraging better scientific collaboration in our scientific community.  This language offering is a pilot program funded by STRI leadership. The continuation of free classes depends on attendance and your feedback about whether these classes are useful, and your ideas on how to improve language class offerings going forward. The administration would like to continue to provide this support and your participation in these classes is your vote for future classes!

We can all take part to make a difference at this institution just by speaking up and speaking to each other! Excited to see you all there!

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