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Local guides are a grassroots initiative. To add content to this guide or to start local guides for other STRI facilities email:


Uber is available in Panama

It can be hard to get a driver from Gamboa. Expect to tip well when driving to Gamboa as drivers might be disappointed by how far they have to drive.

There is a public transit METROBUS (search route C790) that runs between Gamboa and the Albrook bus station. In addition, STRI offers a shuttle between the STRI Dock - Gamboa - Tupper on weekdays. More info about the Metrobus and STRI shuttle here

You can also find more detailed guides to general public transit in English and in Spanish.



The Gamboa store and associated restaurant have substantially improved service compared to previous options, and generally remain open until ~8:00.

They will also exchange gas tanks.

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