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Tropical Leaves


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access
at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute
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to BCI 100

STRI-IDEA is excited to welcome folks joining us in Gamboa for the BCI 100 symposium.

Check out our newly launched local guide to Gamboa-BCI for tips on getting to Gamboa and other info.

Join us for Building Equitable and Inclusive Forest Research Programs in the Tropics


Date: June 21, 2024

Location: Gamboa Forest Resort (Guayacanes Room)


STRI - IDEA is a grassroots group dedicated to bringing to light underlying social forces that create barriers to success in scientific careers. We encourage people of all genders, career stages and parts of the scientific process to attend (administrators, field technicians, staff scientists, research associates, fellows, interns, men and women of all ethnicities, community members past and present). We strive to create an inclusive space for learning, compassion, open discussion, and positive solutions for change.

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Counseling services

Free, confidential counseling is available to Smithsonian affiliates. This includes employees, fellows, interns, research associates, etc. and is available in a variety of languages, including Spanish and English.  This is run through INOVA and their Employee Assistance Program,

Login: Smithsonian

Password: EAP


Call directly:  1-800-346-0110

+44 20-8987-6230 (from Panama)

or contact for login help.

STRI Support

1) The Smithsonian's official venue for reporting incidents is through the SI Civil program

You can report any issues through the program Voice It, available 24/7 in English and in Spanish.

You can also contact: Amanda Jones,

Phone: 202-633-6379

Hotline: 202-633-6620

Click here for a list of additional people you can contact through this program

2) STRI human resources can provide info and other resources about the reporting process

Contact:, 507-212-8250

3) The Ombuds provides employees and affiliated staff with a neutral, independent, informal, and confidential alternative to address workplace
issues and conflicts.

Contact: Shadella Davis,
Phone: 202-633-2010 (confidential voicemail).

Peer support

The following volunteers are trustworthy folks in the STRI community (past or present). They have no Smithsonian official training in reporting events but many of them may be known to you.


They have volunteered to act as a first point of contact for any concerns and are happy to talk with you unofficially about anything that has happened. They can tell you what the reporting steps are if you decide to take that route. Because they are not mandatory reporters (unlike STRI employees) they have no legal obligations to report anything to the Smithsonian administration. They will act in complete confidentiality.  Please feel free to contact any of them about any events that happened to you or if you were a bystander to events at any time in the past, or if you just want to find out more information, with no obligations.

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